Helping Others as He Had Been Helped

Third generation Atlantan Mark Weinstein remembers few hardships early in life. Growing up, he experienced many privileges – even being able to pick out a brand new car for his 16th birthday.

Mark later became a successful businessman, but then, as he describes, “I crashed and burned. I made some bad decisions and took a few wrong turns and suddenly my life was a mess.” After picking up the pieces of his life, Mark realized the impact he could make by helping others.

Mark and his family began reaching out to those less fortunate. Over a period of five years, he and his family assisted a couple of men each year, providing them with food, clothing and a loving environment – a place to call home while they got back on their feet. A believer of helping others help themselves, Mark sent each man to vocational school for skills certification. Upon their graduation, Mark bought all his guests a reliable car.

An Honor to Help

When his son asked why strangers were living in their house, Mark thought of the many people who had helped him during his time of need, and told his son that, “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” He explained that it was an honor to be able to help others just as he had been helped.

Mark believes that food and shelter come first. He has designated the Food Bank as a beneficiary to his life insurance policy.

For Future Generations

“The Atlanta Community Food Bank is the best nonprofit I’ve ever seen or dealt with and that is why I’m all in with them. I love the mission, the efficiencies, the impact, the staff and their humility,” he said. With his gift, Mark will ensure that future generations grow up healthy, not hungry.

Anyone can turn future famine into feasts through Planned Giving. To learn more about the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Planned Giving program, Harvest Legacy Society, visit

Caption: ACFB Founder Bill Bolling (l) and ACFB Harvest Legacy Society Donor Mark Weinstein (r) enjoy a moment at the biennial Hospitality Roast held at the Food Bank.

This article was originally featured in the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Fall 2015 “Foodsharing” newsletter. Visit to learn more about the Food Bank and how you can get involved.