The Business Case for Diversity is overwhelmingly clear. Corporations are making concerted efforts to diversify their workforce and senior leadership ranks in order to reflect the changing demographics of both the work place and their customer base. In order to meet these evolving business needs, organizations are requesting that their search partners include high caliber diversity candidates on each and every search.

However, often times the results are mixed. How can they reach this invisible pipeline of talent most effectively? The desire and need for an innovative search firm partner that operates at all levels and focuses on inclusion is a must and has never been greater. BrightWell fulfills this need and we do it well. It is important to us as our organization reflects the value of diversity.

We have a commitment to diversity that runs through every aspect of our culture and search process and we have a significant track-record of success that proves our ability to deliver high-caliber, inclusive candidates on every short list for each and every search we conduct.

The success of BrightWell comes as a result of several demonstrated facts:

  • Major corporations must diversify their senior ranks in order to penetrate new, emerging markets and gain a competitive edge, as well as encourage employee recruitment and retention.
  • Having developed a long-term, consultative relationship with our clients, BrightWell goes beyond the traditional search process, to provide market data and feedback around a depth of diverse talent, relative to both industry and function.
  • We understand that ability is the number one top priority, regardless of race, gender or any other defining characteristics.
  • We are successful in attracting senior level diversity candidates to our client organizations for a number of reasons:
  • We realize the necessity of developing a well-focused and purposeful search practice with methodologies that can identify, approach and attract diversity candidates. We have the experience of reaching out to high-caliber and diverse executives. We also have the experience required to address the specific concerns that they may have when contemplating a career move.
  • We are personally committed to the advancement of diverse professionals in senior roles.

These are keys to our motivation and to our success.

We have developed a reputation for integrity and transparency in our search process. This, coupled with our positioning as consultative subject-matter experts on topics related to senior-level diversity and inclusion, has broadened our network and brand-recognition among both our candidates and our clients.

We, ourselves, are diverse and drive diversity into every aspect of our business. Diversity and Inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it is the most profitable way to run most any business. And profit is a good thing.