Mark Weinstein Featured in SE Small Business Magazine


The Mission Verses The Bottom Line

BrightWell Talent Solutions sets a pace for achievement in the Atlanta private business sector. Established in 2010 with the assistance of Cassius Butts and the Small Business Administration, BrightWell and its founder, Mark Weinstein, radiate multi-faceted success. Honored as a Pacesetter by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for two years in a row, BrightWell sales exceeded one million dollars…and increased by 129% in the first two years of opening the business. Superior service and ‘principled entrepreneurship’ are the cornerstones of BrightWell’s success.
‘‘The war for talent never ends” mantra is at the heart of what motivates BrightWell. “We wake sleeping giants,” explains Weinstein. “The highly-skilled professionals we recruit for our clients seldom find themselves looking for work. We look for them and help our clients secure and keep the talent they need to be successful.”
Weinstein himself was recruited to the work he does. “I was recruited to recruit,” he chuckles. “This is not a career you prepare for in traditional ways. The last time I checked there is not specific curriculum targeted to this industry.” Individuals who find success as recruiters must be persistent, tenacious and able to take many ‘nos.’ “You have to be part psychologist and part detective. You need to be creative and possess excellent communication skills.” People development is at the heart of Weinstein’s being. In fact, he calls his role as CEO ‘The day job that funds my night and weekend work as ‘my brother’s keeper.’
When this Corporate Executive is not behind his desk helping assure the success of a Fortune 1000 company, you may find him at 6 AM under an Atlanta bridge coaxing a homeless man toward success. Part of a team that works with the United Way in a Rapid Rehousing Program, Weinstein is passionate about impacting—and enriching—the lives of others. “We offer an apartment with a refrigerator stocked with food. Then, case management steps in to line up the help that will move the individual to success. It keeps me focused on what really matters,” shares Weinstein.
Rags to riches and surviving tough times are part of Weinstein’s personal legacy. He embraces challenges with thankfulness:
“Even the poorest of us born in America fare better than most people in the world. Our traditions and generational truths guide us through life. I have been very privileged…well educated, traveled in 35 countries, speak five languages. Those are things that helped me recover from my own struggles. Not everyone has such resources. True success is enriching the lives of others. I believe in helping as much as I believe suffering is one of God’s greatest gifts. It is the source for great growth.”
BrightWell Talent helps major corporations achieve success—and they help individuals do the same. “It is not always about the money. We align ourselves with those who believe in the high road…principled entrepreneurship. We treat people as we want to be treated and focus on the long-term results.” With repeat clients comprising the majority of their business, the facts support that BrightWell, indeed, sets the pace for true success.